Cleaners Make Walt Disney Concert Hall’s Curves Sparkle

Cuban Performs With Silvio Rodríguez After Controversial Remarks At Concert

Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Clear Channel Muse played their second-to-last American concert date of the year at iHeartRadio in Las Vegas last night, and after next month’s Austin City Limits , it might be a while before fans see them again Stateside. “Next year, we may do one festival or two, but were probably going to concentrate on getting into a new album,” Muses Matt Bellamy told Rolling Stone backstage at iHeartRadio. But fans will get a chance to experience a Muse concert in almost lifelike form, since the band will be releasing a concert film. “Over the summer, we played this massive gig in Rome Olympic Stadium, that was probably the best gig of the year,” Bellamy said. “Its gonna come out in 4K, which is the highest resolution concert ever shot. Its four times more powerful than HD, so its like ridiculous detail. When you see the concert being filmed, you can see all the crowd, you can see their faces being filmed.” See Where Muse Ranks on Our List of the 50 Greatest Live Acts Right Now The exact release plans are still up in the air, but Bellamy said he expects it to get a limited theatrical release in the U.S., including some Imax screens. It’s a rare occurence for a festival-headlining band big enough to have its own concert film to serve as an opening act, but Muse did so last night in Vegas when they performed before Queen.”Events like this didnt exist a few years ago and we are playing withtechnically opening forQueen tonight,” Bellamy said before the show. “At any point in our career, I wouldnt have thought wed actually get a chance to play with them.” The eclecticism of the iHeart lineup, which also included Elton John this year, proved an educational experience for Muse’s drummer, Dominic Howard.”Having some of those older greats on stage and seeing them play is wicked, because you can still learn so much from a lot of those kind of people that have been around for a while and got more experience than you,” he said. Bellamy also finds it inspiring. “Its odd because when you start out, you perceive those acts as being something really quite long before we even were born, but also well before we started,” he said.

Walt Disney Concert Hall’s organ conservator pulls out all the stops

Rodriguez, who came to Carcasses’ defense amid the controversy, included the 41-year-old pianist and leader of the jazz-fusion band Interactivo in his line-up of artists Friday at an open-air concert in the Havana neighborhood of Santiago de las Vegas. Without making any mention of the controversy swirling around Carcasses, Rodriguez presented his fellow musician as a “talent” and recalled that they worked together recently on an album. During Friday’s show, Carcasses provided piano accompaniment for Rodriguez on his song “Segunda Cita” and also performed two other instrumental numbers with other musicians. Carcasses did not make any remarks to the crowd of 300 people, but he told foreign correspondents afterward that he hoped he had put the controversy behind him. During a Sept. 12 official concert in Havana that was broadcast live on national television, Carcasses sang a song calling for free access to information and the election of the president by direct popular vote. The jazz fusion artist said Monday he had been barred indefinitely from performing at future state-run events because of his comments during the concert, which had been organized to demand the release of Cuban intelligence agents imprisoned in the United States. But authorities on the Communist-ruled island later reconsidered and lifted the sanction. The 66-year-old Rodriguez, Cuba’s best-known folk singer, came to Carcasses’ defense on Tuesday. He said his fellow musician had committed a “regrettable error” in pressing his demands at an event organized to call for the release of agents “who have sacrificed their lives for the security of the people.” However, as a Cuban citizen, Carcasses “has the right to express what he thinks in his country,” Rodriguez added. Considered heroes in Cuba, the four agents were arrested in 1998 and convicted of espionage in 2001, receiving sentences ranging from 15 years to life in prison. While a fifth agent who was also arrested and convicted of the same crime has since been paroled and allowed to return to Cuba, the other four spies remain in prison. The Cuban Five insisted they were spying on Miami’s Cuban exile community, not the U.S. government.

At Farm Aid concert, wholesome food helps augment the music and the fundraising

That’s when you find power in a way, when you’re seated in front of this enormous instrument and you’re using both hands, both feet, your whole body to play. How does the Disney Hall organ compare to others? I’ve played at many of the finest organs, in churches and concert halls in the United States and in the oldest churches in Europe and I’ve found that this one is the right size, with the right accents and nuances. I’ve done guest recitals on instruments four times its size, but I keep coming back. The way it builds and dissipates out, it’s remarkable. TIMELINE: Walt Disney Hall through the years What’s the coolest part of your job? We take people on tours inside the organ and having the opportunity to see the mechanism, or the strikers when the organ is being played, to see the outside from inside and the blowers, the wind lines, all of this. And it’s so expansive, it’s 40 to 45 feet tall and its weight is so vast. Seeing all that from within is wonderful. How do people react to the view from inside? They’re in awe, even for organists, some have never seen inside their instrument before and when they see it they say, “Wow.” All these different kinds of pipes produce different sounds and it’s fun to show. It’s really great to show and tell in that way.

Farm Aids mission is about family farmers, and economic opportunity for family farmers is a really big priority of ours, said Glenda Yoder, associate director of Farm Aid. We also support good farming practices and rewarding farmers for those practices. So our Homegrown criteria call for food that is sourced from family farms that meet an ecological standard, and that returns a fair price to the farmer. Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Dave Matthews and John Mellencamp lead the star-studded lineup this year, along with Jack Johnson, Carlene Carter, Toad the Wet Sprocket and about 10 other artists. The annual concert is the chief moneymaker for the Farm Aid organization Nelson co-founded in 1985 and leads as president. The beneficiaries of the organizations year-round efforts are always featured prominently at the shows, with a Homegrown Village providing concert-goers a chance to meet local farmers, learn agrarian skills, and eat food from vendors who meet strict criteria set by Farm Aid. We talk about saving the family farmer, but the fact is, its the family farmer who will save us all, Nelson said at a media event before the gates opened at noon Saturday. Matthews gave a shout-out to activists wearing anti-fracking T-shirts at the media event, which was also open to many farmers, vendors and volunteers. Dont frack our farmlands, Matthew said, to loud applause. Several anti-fracking groups from New York and Pennsylvania had a booth at the event, calling for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to continue the states moratorium on shale gas development that began in 2008. During a performance Saturday night, Pete Seeger modified a line of This Land is Your Land, declaring New York was meant to be frack-free. This year the village was set up on the expansive lawns of the state park surrounding the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. The action there got going before the 10-hour concert. The village offered plenty of activities to help people get in touch with their inner farmer.

Evolution of Disney Hall in pictures

“I was out here at 3, 4 o’clock in the morning trying to figure out how to clean” some of the building’s complex curves. FULL COVERAGE: Walt Disney Concert Hall at 10 Britt and his crew, who also wash the Music Center’s windows and hang the Ahmanson Theatre’s holiday lights, have worked to make the 179,150-square-foot Disney Hall shine for a decade. “There’s not one single piece of equipment that will clean this entire building so you have to be creative,” Britt said. Reaching the high points, which top out at more than 140 feet, involves a lot of lifting and lowering of workers on a 16-foot, two-person swing-stage and one-person basket. From the ground, the panels on the lower two stories are scrubbed with a pole that extends 48 feet and pushes deionized water through a nylon brush. “We learned the hard way to start at the higher angles or all the dirt would roll back down to the bottom,” Britt said. The crews also use a harness strapped to a board that lowers a worker, as a rock climber might billet down a mountain, to move along the curves of the wave-like Founders Room and the oval-shaped area with the Walt Disney Concert Hall signage. TIMELINE: Walt Disney Hall through the years “It’s the most fascinating part of cleaning this building,” Britt said. “People will stand out there and take pictures.” On an average week, a team of two people scrubs the building every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Once a year around August the building undergoes a six-week deep cleaning to remove any stains. And then there are the handprints. People, especially kids, “have a fascination about touching the panels and the oil in their hands will not come off with a routine cleaning,” Britt said.