Clients expectation from a London escorts

Escort agencies in London have lots of escorts to offer. A lot is known about the kind of escorts available and the kind of services they offer. Unfortunately very little gets to book on what kind of clients available. To help escorts be ready, classifications of men are discussed below based on their character traits.

The good guys.

The main feeder of men in this category is divorce. Divorce in this context used to cover even relationship break offs. Such kind of men can hardly get themselves a date meaning they hardly get conjugal rights. What puts most of them off is low self-esteem. In a lay man’s language, they are shy when it comes to women. Due to the buyer-seller kind of arrangement, they are best attracted to escort services.

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For those London escorts who have served this kind of men in the past, they will bear me witness that these are the best kind of men to serve. The treat escorts with the dignity a woman deserves. They know where to set boundaries and keep up them. It is worth noting that most of them are working class and are middle-aged. Unfortunately, this kind of men get emotionally attached real fast for they need consolation.

Those in need of hot blood.

Considering that most escorts are young, most men seeking their services are after the hot blood in the girls’ veins. This maybe gets entertained by the illusion that young blood means hot steaming sex. Some are even out there looking for virgin escort. Theirs is usually a one-time stint and they are gone looking for new entrants. Adventure is all that is on such men’s mind. They go to the extents of checking constantly on London escorts agency website just to see if there are any new escorts on the list. They would essentially do anything in their means just to get in the arms of a fresh London escort.

Beware! Some of the men in this category are exploitative. They look for young and vulnerable escorts whom they dupe into paying less for lots of services. Some can even go without paying especially where the London escort gets expected to receive payment directly. It is in the London escort’s best interests that payments be made through the agency and in advance.

Those after particular body parts.

You probably have seen men in the street ogling women’s behinds. It is all about fantasy. Some hold in the highest regard boobs, others faces and weirdly others adore feet. Depending on the tastes and fetishes, such men look for women with the body part of their choice. Once the London escort arrives, they take it upon themselves to fulfil their fetishes. Some get so engrossed in it they hardly realise when they are causing discomfort on the escort’s part. You can imagine a man sucking on your feet or boobs hours on end just because he has a fetish and he paid the required amount.

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The perverts.

Men in this category have either watched or have been involved in too much pornography. They are ‘sex machines’ in need of action quite often. It is unfortunate for they are over expectant. For instance, they might try something they saw in the pornographic videos with an unwilling escort. Basically, they have poor judgement and believe they can get anything and everything just because they paid the full amount needed. As much as it is hard tell off a client, be cautious when dealing with such clients. They might also be temperamental and aggressive due to excessive watching of porn.