Ellen Degeneres Named ‘most Likable Woman In Hollywood’ To No One’s Surprise

Syndicated Magazine ‘Made In Hollywood’ Renewed By CBS, Fox Stations (Exclusive)

Zhang said Riggs crashed while attempting a stunt in which the wheels of his plane were to drag along the lake surface at high speed. He had just taken off in a light rain, but there was no indication he had violated any flying regulations, Zhang said. Other reports said Chinese officials had urged Riggs not to take off, but Zhang said he had no information about that. Riggs was a well-known Hollywood stunt pilot, and the center of considerable controversy over a string of legal problems and penchant for self-promotion. Riggs website touts his credentials as a holder of several aviation speed world records, but doesnt mention the fact his U.S. pilots license had been suspended twice. Yang Qing/ Yang Qing/Xinhua Press/Corbis David Riggs body was recovered after more than 70 hours of searching. The first time was after buzzing the famed Santa Monica pier in Los Angeles in his Vodochody L-39 Albatros jet trainer. Riggs was sentenced to 60 days of community service and 60 days in jail for reckless flying. He lost his license again in November for selling rides in his plane without permission. The prosecution came after a plane piloted by a business partner crashed, killing both people on board. Riggs had a stack of other legal problems, including convictions for bank, wire and passport fraud. He aroused such contempt among some pilots that a website aviationcriminal.com was devoted to chronicling his misdoings. His website describes him as CEO of California-based Mach One Aviation, Inc.

If you’ve ever tuned into “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” this news will come as no real surprise to you. The loveable goof, who’s been a small screen fixture for a couple decades now, seems to rub everyone the right way. Now, a survey from iHeartRadio has the numbers to back that up. The digital radio site asked its listeners to rate their ” Most Likeable Woman in Hollywood ” and, you guessed it, Ellen landed on top with a whopping 35.1 percent. Jennifer Lawrence, another adorkable star, had nearly half as many votes: 17.7 percent. Emma Stone landed in third place with 13.4 percent of the votes and Anna Kendrick rounded up the list in 7th place with 2.6 percent. Head over to iHeartRadio.com to see if your favorite leading lady made the list. P.S. — Not convinced Ellen’s a worthy choice? We give you: Also on HuffPost:

Body of Hollywood stunt pilot who crashed in China discovered in lake: officials

David Riggs died when a plane he was flying crashed in China.

Theres more and more pressure for local stations to generate more revenue. Its a gigantic testament to Connection IIIthat were getting this level of renewal. Made In Hollywood features interviews with actors and filmmakers, and gives a behind-the-scenes look at the movie making process. ONeal credits the success of the shows with their focus not only on how and why films are made, but also on what career opportunities are behind the screen. The shows are also sold to station groups including Tribune, LIN, Hearst and Gannett. PHOTOS: Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner’s TV Takeover In total, according to ONeal, his shows now reach 107 million homes U.S. household coverage of over 94 percent with a gross average audience of 5.2 million viewers. The Made in Hollywood franchise alone holds an average weekly audience of 5.5 million viewers. CBS will air both Made in Hollywood series in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Pittsburgh, and Made in Hollywood: Teen Edition in Boston, Atlanta, Detroit, Tampa, Seattle, and Miami. WCBS will also broadcast Made in Hollywood in New York. Fox will air both Made in Hollywood series in Chicago, and Made in Hollywood: Teen Edition in New York, Washington D.C., Houston, Phoenix, Minneapolis, and Austin. In addition, Fox will broadcast Live Life and Win!