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74 Million Movies that Weren’t Streamed in July

They circle each other, trade the boys for weekend sleepovers, grapple with new ways of raising kids (our protagonists are horrified when their son comes back with a very minor scrape from a playground) and so on. Will Nonomiya in particular become a better father with this second chance? Does he love his son only because his son is his blood or because they’ve shared a life together for six years? Will they raise both boys? Or will the other family? I might have mapped out these changes myself, but Koreeda keeps it fresh by staying observant and quiet, letting the drama of what’s going on unfold naturally. The cast is suitably restrained despite the high melodrama taking place. You wrestle with nature versus nurture and what it means to be a parent while watching this movie — familiar stuff all. But it’s to the film’s credit that I was genuinely unsure of what would happen. And the familiar aspects (such as Nonomiya loosening up) weren’t overdone. Not his best but another solid film for Koreeda. A TOUCH OF SIN ** 1/2 out of **** Zhangke Jia is another major talent, one of the most important and bold figures in Chinese cinema. His masterpiece is Platform, but he’s also delivered unconventional films like The World and a distinctive documentary about Shanghai called I Wish I Knew that I loved but which has never really made it the US.

Search Corporate Intelligence1 September 17, 2013, 1:18 PM 74 Million Movies that Werent Streamed in July Biography Redbox For those who spend their time glued to glowing screens on smartphones and laptops, its important to get an occasional reminder of how popular some offline businesses still are. And that is certainly the case when it comes to movie rentals. Plenty of people have long abandoned their Blockbuster membership and shifted from renting discs to streaming shows Netflix now has almost 30 million paying members but plenty havent. In households where the TV is still king (and not connected to a computer or the internet), DVD rental is still going strong. Take Redbox, which rents DVDs from its more than 43,000 vending machines located in grocery stores across the country. Stock in its parent company, Outerwall Inc., is down 12.5% today after it issued updated guidance last night, lowering estimates for revenues and earnings. A big reason for the downward revision was rentals at Redbox were not as high as expected. But even then, they were pretty high : Rentals for July and August grew year over year 13.4% and 15.7% respectively, with July representing Redboxs best rental month in its history, with approximately 74 million rentals. Redbox continues to expect both rentals and revenue per kiosk to increase compared to comparable periods in 2012. In addition, unique credit and debit cards used in July and August increased 11% year over year, while rental frequency improved in July and August compared to the same periods in 2012. 74 million rentals in July. Aside from working on an old-school TV setup, Redbox rentals can be a pretty cheap option compared to whats available online: $1.20 a night for one of their discs, compared to $2.99 upward for a streaming movie from places like Amazon or Apples iTunes store. Netflix subscriptions cost $8 per month, although that gets an all-you-can-eat streaming buffet.

Scenic Route is not a horror by any stretch of the imagination. It has some horror qualities but the performances by Josh Duhamel and Dan Fogler are award worthy. Two long term friends are traveling through the desert when their truck breaks down. After finding out it was a ploy by Fogler to start a conversation with Duhamel the two erupt into a battle of life call outs and relationships with not only women but passions of the past. Scenic Route turns into a bloody, dark humours buddy flick that would have been what really happened in Due Date. I really enjoyed this movie and the dark turn it takes at the very end really completed the film. I was upset when this hit limited theaters and did not head our way but im glad its available to take home now. It wont be on my top horror films of the year list but it may end up on my top films to see in general this year. Pick up Scenic Route this weekend as I think you will really enjoy it. 4/5 PARANORMAL ASYLUM- This is the worst movie on the list this week and really was a pain to watch. From start to finish there was a luminous effect that held through the movie. It became really annoying and so did the interaction with the spirits. The film had slight potential when it started but as soon as the evil started Asylum went downhill from there. I like that they story involved the Typhoid Mary tale but the film became stale and pointless as soon as it introduced the dark spirit. Stay away from this one folks as the film clocks in around an hour and forty five minutes so unless you don’t want to lose that time stay away.1/5 WORLD WAR Z – Read my review for World War Z here, I really enjoyed World War Z and was anxious to see how it would translate to the home audience.

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One day, a simple errand inadvertently opens up a twenty-year old murder case. Benton (Kramer vs. Kramer) spins the mystery with cleverness but places a more tender, observant focus on his characters, deftly balancing humor and pathos. The great cast also includes Stockard Channing, James Garner, and a young, fresh Reese Witherspoon. It was co-written by novelist Richard Russo, whose Nobodys Fool was filmed by Benton four years earlier. The Long Goodbye Another burnt-out detective, Elliott Goulds Philip Marlowe came from the pages of Raymond Chandlers last completed novel, but drastically updated for the 1970s. The mumbling, shambling Marlowe seems lost in a garish world of hippie chicks and potheads and cant even manage to locate cat food for his demanding cat. In The Long Goodbye (1973), he becomes entangled with a murder mystery and a case of a missing husband, two cases that seem increasingly connected. Ultimately, its less about the solution of the mystery than about the crumbling of ideals. Sterling Hayden plays the Hemingway-like husband, and Nina Van Pallandtwho in real life was dating the fake Howard Hughes biographer Clifford Irvingplays his wife. Arnold Schwarzenegger appears in a very early role as a thug. The great Leigh Brackett is credited with the screenplay, and composer John Williams provides a weird score: a collection of alternate versions of the same song. Robert Altman directs all of it with his usual brilliant, rambling, observant style. Timeline (coming 10/1) Heres yet another underappreciated movie, though this time its a slick popcorn movie rather than a demanding work of artistic genius.