Obama Looks To Hollywood To Help Promote His Healthcare Law

PHOTOS: 25 of Fall’s Most Anticipated Movies: ‘Ender’s Game,’ ‘Catching Fire,’ ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and More Its such a tough marketplace out there, said ONeal. Were all facing shrinking audiences. Theres more and more pressure for local stations to generate more revenue. Its a gigantic testament to Connection IIIthat were getting this level of renewal. Made In Hollywood features interviews with actors and filmmakers, and gives a behind-the-scenes look at the movie making process. ONeal credits the success of the shows with their focus not only on how and why films are made, but also on what career opportunities are behind the screen. The shows are also sold to station groups including Tribune, LIN, Hearst and Gannett. PHOTOS: Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner’s TV Takeover In total, according to ONeal, his shows now reach 107 million homes U.S. household coverage of over 94 percent with a gross average audience of 5.2 million viewers. The Made in Hollywood franchise alone holds an average weekly audience of 5.5 million viewers. CBS will air both Made in Hollywood series in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Pittsburgh, and Made in Hollywood: Teen Edition in Boston, Atlanta, Detroit, Tampa, Seattle, and Miami. WCBS will also broadcast Made in Hollywood in New York.

If you’ve ever tuned into “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” this news will come as no real surprise to you. The loveable goof, who’s been a small screen fixture for a couple decades now, seems to rub everyone the right way. Now, a survey from iHeartRadio has the numbers to back that up. The digital radio site asked its listeners to rate their ” Most Likeable Woman in Hollywood ” and, you guessed it, Ellen landed on top with a whopping 35.1 percent. Jennifer Lawrence, another adorkable star, had nearly half as many votes: 17.7 percent. Emma Stone landed in third place with 13.4 percent of the votes and Anna Kendrick rounded up the list in 7th place with 2.6 percent. Head over to iHeartRadio.com to see if your favorite leading lady made the list. P.S. — Not convinced Ellen’s a worthy choice? We give you: Also on HuffPost:

House passes spending bill that may provoke shutdown

His push for immigration reform has stalled, he was pounded by critics for appearing indecisive on action in Syria, and his approval ratings have sunk. Republican and Democratic groups acknowledge that the fate of many 2014 congressional campaigns will tip on public perceptions of the healthcare law. And the burden of any problems will be shouldered by the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, particularly if it is Vice President Joe Biden or Hillary Rodham Clinton , who is remembered for her healthcare push during her husband’s administration. At this stage, it is difficult to measure the efficacy of the campaign to influence Americans’ perceptions of the law, in part because there is little transparency about how much third-party groups are spending on both sides. Three years after the law’s passage, confusion surrounding it is striking. Americans, even uninsured ones, remain divided over whether the law will help their families, according to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll. In an August survey, 1 in 8 uninsured Americans said they had been contacted about the law by phone, email, text or a door-to-door visit. That is where Obama’s collaboration with Hollywood long a home to Democratic campaign donors may end up being most helpful. The website for Funny or Die claims 19 million unique users and more than 60 million video views per month, and their demographic strength overlaps perfectly with the young people who must sign up for the healthcare law in order for it to succeed. The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that young people will make up 40% of the 7 million who sign up. The website’s video featuring Paris Hilton ‘s response to Sen. John McCain ‘s 2008 campaign ad framing Obama as “the biggest celebrity in the world” snagged 11 million views.