Person Of Interest: Yuja Wang, Classical Music Pianist

But I can’t do that anymore. No weird, like, “I always eat chicken wings before a concert”? After. Hamburger and alcohol. People always say, “Oh, she’s so young.” Do you like that, or does that sort of rub you a certain way? It’s so relative, being young. I certainly don’t feel like I’m young. I’ve been doing this for 20 years. I should be very mature, but I’m probably not. I could be a mature musician but an immature person, which is very possible, so in that case I’m still young. And I want to keep young all the time, even in 50 years, because there’s just so much to discover in the world.

Jimmy Lloyd: Building Music and Media From the Grassroots Up

He has continued the organizations work with evangelical zeal, energetically preaching about the potential value of music as a brand for North Carolina. William is very knowledgeable and extremely adept at working with all sorts of different kinds of people, said Wayne Martin, executive director of the North Carolina Arts Council and one of PineCones original co-founders. Hes a wonderful connector who wants to do good for the community, which his work with PineCone shows. I think the potential is there to make North Carolina internationally known for music, and William has been a leader there. A live-music city? Once the bluegrass association announced Raleigh as its convention city for the next three years, the real work began. Lewis and PineCones staff and volunteers have been closely involved in the countless logistical issues involved in planning the big-name shows with Steve Martin at Red Hat Amphitheater; the Bluegrass Ramble showcases at Lincoln Theatre, Pour House and other downtown nightclubs; and the free street festival. Its reaching a crescendo in these last few days running up to Tuesdays kickoff. One thing Lewis helped set up was bus transportation to and from a campground at the State Fairgrounds, where people can stay to make IBMA more of a traditional camping festival-type experience. Part of bluegrass culture is camping and RVs, Lewis said. So well see how many people do that. And well be rolling out the red carpet to make sure IBMA here is a distinctive experience. They were in Nashville for years and youd never have known it. Raleigh has gone in the total opposite direction. Whether youre here for IBMA or not, youll know about it. Lewis hasnt slept much for the past month, but he is one of the people committed to making the convention in Raleigh a success in hopes that the bluegrass association will stay longer than its initial three-year commitment. There are still doubts out there, people saying that Raleighs not a bluegrass town, Lewis said.

Lewis stresses a connection to place through music

According to the National Institute of Health the syndrome is caused by a chromosomal abnormality and affects an estimated one in 25,000 people worldwide. Researchers believe the syndrome is underreported and as many as one in 15,000 people worldwide could be suffering from the disease. The Mushrows noticed Louis’ symptoms as soon as he was born. As a newborn he refused to feed on his own, which initially his doctors thought was related to being born six weeks premature. However, Lisa Mushrow was concerned there was another underlying cause. Turner Syndrome Tot Wins Life’s Lottery “As a mum I just knew something wasn’t right,” says Lisa. “We decided to have genetic testing done. The results came back saying he had Smith-Magenis Syndrome. We walked away with a sickening feeling. It was the worst day of our lives.” In addition to crying when he hears music, Louis has difficulty eating food as a result of the syndrome. Until he was 3 years old, Louis often choked when he tried to eat. As a result, he is often distressed at mealtimes and the family has had to stop going to restaurants together. “Once he started throwing plates and glasses in a cafe. It continued for half an hour until we got back to the car, when he stripped off all his clothes,” said Mushrow. “We were getting nasty comments from other people, as we often do when he has outbursts.” Woman with 20/20 Vision Can’t See After facing numerous comments from other people about Louis’ temper tantrums, the Mushrow’s decided to act.

Syndrome Makes Boy Cry When He Hears Music

Actually, everything Jimmy knows he learned through some rather astonishing experience. Back in 2008, Lloyd was a one-man operation, an unknown singer-songwriter just trying to do what he loved. He decided to make a music video for his song “Cop Bar” and deluged the Craigslist job boards with attention-grabbing links, a move that caused the footage to go viral. Within two months of its posting, “Cop Bar” drew the attention of an NBC executive who promptly emailed Jimmy, “Nice video. Who are you?” That’s where the whole thing gets really weird and kind of New Age-y. I knew at that moment, ‘This is it.’ I knew I had to make that video, that it would lead to something, and when he contacted me, I recognized it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Several conversations later, Lloyd’s network sherpa raised the opportunity bar with another fateful question:”In a perfect world, what would you want to do?” Jimmy was ready with an answer: “In a perfect world, I would love to executive-produce a serious show about songwriters.” Immediately the two began sketching out a pitch for the project that became JLSS, which launched under NBC’s digital banner in late 2009. Levy, who met Lloyd shortly after the show premiered, says, “Everyone else works in baby steps, almost like a video game where you have to progress through each level before you can go slay the big dragon. Jimmy’s just like, ‘I think I just want to go slay the big dragon.’ That’s part of his path to success.” Mike McCready, CEO of digital music company Music Xray , immediately recognized a fellow entrepreneur in Lloyd and a synergy in their goals. “What Jimmy did was figure out a way to create his own vehicle for the exposure of his music and others,” says McCready. “[JLSS] is high-quality content, very compelling… He’s got great ideas and he’s pushing them forward personally every day.” Music Xray, an online platform that matches artists with industry professionals, has a fruitful partnership with JLSS, which has featured a few of its subscribers on the show (songwriter Brendan McCahey for instance, whose country-tinged sound completely belies his native Irish accent).